There is nothing in this world that can trouble you as much as your own thoughts. 

Mental Health Awareness Day, 10th October 2017.  I lay in bed awake at night, My thoughts alone give me a fright.  That mole on my scalp feels really weird,  Is it cancerous? That's what I've feared.   That dull ache in my boob? It doesn't feel right, This headache I've got is affecting my sight. ... Continue Reading →


Crystals in my Pistols*

Crystal healing for beginners.  Do you believe in crystal healing? A energy to take away negative feeling?  Do you think a stone has powers? Positive thoughts in just a few hours?  Personally I trust them - I'm full of belief; They've helped my anxiety and with moments of grief.  The personality of a stone is... Continue Reading →

Copper Crunching 

on the floor beneath, Cold air darts between your teeth.  Frost lining trees like a blanket of snow, Berries on branches glistening a red glow.  A bed of leaves scatter the ground; Gold, ruby, emerald and those that browned.  Beneath your shoes the crisp leaves scrunch, Rustling in the wind before they crunch. The sycamore... Continue Reading →

You are my Sonshine

My only sunshine, You make me happy, when skies are grey.... On the dull day's you are my light, Even those day's when you've kicked me all night.  Before you was born the trouble began, For 39 weeks the room always span.  I was admitted to hospital with HG, I was fed through a drip... Continue Reading →

Picturesque Long-haul 

Drive to Cornwall.  Last week we went to the furthest South. The journey alone made me dry in my mouth.  We hit the road and began our drive, Racking up the hours four, then five.  By six we'd hit the town of Looe. A delightful village with sea bright blue.  We drove to our campsite... Continue Reading →

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